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    Hi folks.

    I'm using Vista Home Premium (Vista ain't as bad as everyone makes out !!!) - and have just purchased a Treo 680 here in Oz. Great phone, but unfortunately when I've installed Desktop off the CD, it's causing issues.

    HotSync is fine (as is the Outlook 2007 conduit update), but if i was to use PD to do any synchro, etc - i'd like to be able to use the program.

    Palm helpline (overseas, of course) was no help, and they even suggested going back to Windows XP (yeah right..).

    Anyone got a solution/workaround ? I can't get it running with the phone attached or detatched.
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    OK I Found the Prob, do this:

    1. go to Start
    2. go to Settings
    3. go to Control Panel
    4. go to User Accounts
    5. Click on (Turn User Account On or Off)
    6. Check the box where it says: Use User Account Control (UAC) To Help Protect Your Computer
    7. Then Click on OK and it will tell you to REBOOT after you do that your Desktop SHOULD work.
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    I wouldn't really recommend turning off the UAC on Vista. One way to resolve the issue is to have the synchost manager program to run using ADMIN credentials by default. To do this, go to the directory where the synchostmanager.exe is located, rigth click on it and go to the compatibility tab and run as: Admin.
    Good Luck.

    YES! I admit it! I'm a Treo Ho...I will buy anything and everything that is Treo! Well, except the ones powered by Windows Mobile!

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