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    I uses PacificNeo-tek's OmniRemote on my old Palm, a nice application that is a customizable learning IR remote control.

    But when I installed the new update to my Treo 650p...I can't get it to "see" any of my remote controls. It won't see any of them, so I can't program it.

    I know the IR function on my Treo is working, it works both ways with my old Palm. Leaving me to wonder...if the software just doesn't work on the Treo 650p ? Their support rep hasn't responded.

    Anyone know?
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    Yes OmniRemote works on Treo 650, but the range is miserable.
    You will need version 2.15
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    Thanks. Good to know it works, even with miserable range.

    But even face to face up close 1/4" apart it won't "see" any remote I try to program it with. With version 2.15.

    Any ideas on that? (Gotta get 'em closer?<VBG>)
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    I use Novii Remote. Still crappy range, but they do have an IR Blaster that goes in the SD slot to make it a usable remote. You can find the software at:
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    Thanks, I'd hoped to use the software I already paid for. (Ha!<G>)

    So, is the weakness of the 650's IR port somethign particular ot the 650, or do all the Treo's have weak IR ports?

    Has anyone found a mod for this, i.e. replacing the IR diode with a stronger brighter one perhaps?
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    I own a blaster and let me tell you this... lol

    it takes 1.4 megs in ram(the site says 900k). Maybe you can move codebases to card or something but I didnt get that far. After installing the software to my treo 650, I insterted the blaster and ran the program.. PHONE TOOK A BIG CRAP! Had to hard reset to get out of the loop. Warm reset may of worked but I went with a hard first. Installed it again with no other apps installed...It worked.
    Now is when I really got mad. I was poking around and could not find the learn feature that novii deluxe offers(because the blaster did not control over half of my ir equipement). Called them and they informed me that the blaster does not learn and will not learn in future updates.(has something to do with the party that actually make the ir part of it and the unit not having a recieve ir thingy). So I argued about it stating that the blaster could be removed and the stock treo IR port can be used to learn codes... They said NO. Then I thought I had a good idea.. I thought I could use novii deluxe with its learning capabilities to make my own custom codebases that I could import into novii blaster.. Novii offered me novii deluxe for free, but they didnt let me know that the software(deluxe/blaster) is not compatable with each other and what I was going to try would fail... Hmm,, but I got free novii deluxe out of it..
    Oh man, what a ramble huh?
    Only solution for the short range on treos that I can think of is buying several of those pyrimid ir booster things and set them all around the house.

    I have to bring it up "is your ir port turned on?" lol I would assume it is but had to ask.

    Edit) There are some overclocking utilities out that might be able to boost the power of the ir port... PXAClocker, litespeed..
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    "I have to bring it up "is your ir port turned on?" lol I would assume it is but had to ask." You're right to ask! Anyone who hasn't had the "DOH!" experience while troubleshooting, is still wet behind the ears.<G>

    But that's why I did check, the Treo c beam things back and forth both ways with another older Palm--so the port is (I assume?!) enabled and fully functional. There's only the one place to enable it, right? So if it beams cards and things, it is ON and there's nothing else to enable, right?

    I even found and removed the clear plastic that was over the IR lens--just in case it wasn't "IR clear". I'd love to find out the problem was something simple I wasn't doing.
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    Sounds like the ir port is working, but the program is not...
    If you install a demo of novii remote deluxe, you cand test to see if your ir port functions correctly with the different software..
    I read somewhere today that the range of the treo 600/650 is 2.5 feet.. Not even a meter.. lol
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    I forgot to mention....the IR on the Treo 650 is sooo weak, that I don't bother using Novii Remote with it. I did not get the blaster. I have a Garmin iQue 3600 that I've had for years and it works great with Novii remote and has fine range. That's my solution.
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    Yes, the 650's IR was so weak I could barely use Novii Remote (my favorite) from 1-2 feet. But it worked in a pinch.

    The 680 I get 5-6 feet reliably, 10-12 if I aim carefully.
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    "install a demo of novii remote deluxe,"
    Maybe next week. Range isn't the issue, getting confirmation that OmniRemote simply can't or can run on the Treo650p is more the priority now.
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    I Had The Same Problem With Omniremote. I Loaded Novii And It Worked Fine It Must Be Something With Omni
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    Thanks, Matt. The folks at Omni were silent when I asked them if they could confirm whether anyone was using their product on the Treo650 and having it *work* 100%. The feeling I'm getting is that there is something in their code that doesn't run well on the new hardware. IIRC when I ran the old Palm Simulator and tried to run OmniRemote, it threw up an error message about the program, indicating something wasn't right.

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