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    I've been using the 680 for about 7 weeks now, and it stability is starting to deteriorate, with random resets happening all over the place.

    With the 650 I was focussed on making sure I had good amounts of free memory and reducing the number of persistent apps.

    Does anyone have similar tips for the 680?
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    I wonder if this is software related. Mine has only undergone a spontaneous reset once in the three months I have owned it. If software related, then you might have to just determine which is the culprit by elimination.
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    I would have to agree with DIG. The only time I had a reset problem was after installing an app that didn't agree with the 680. After I found an update for it and reinstalled it, the problem went away. I have not had an unexpected reset since.
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    Same here...
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    I've had a few recently..but since I've updated by DBP and put a on Visual - a prog that changes the phone app background regularly ...but it happens when I try to change menus rather quickly and I think the two are fighting for RAM....been very stable apart from those few soft resets..may take one off now....
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    Yeah, every time it crashed for me it was due to some rogue 3rd party app. You might want to try picking up a crash logging program.
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    Check if you have Bluetooth visibility set to visible if you use Bluetooth. I find that my Treo 680 is very unstable with the Bluetooth visibility set to hidden or temporary. Also occationally purge the call logs in the Phone app. I think it is using up memory causing the phone app to slow down and lag. If you use BackupMan, open the Web app to clear up the memory after you do a full backup so your phone will be ready before a call comes in. The Treo will turn white for a while when it is clearing up the memory (dbcache flush?) so it is better to not to have that occur by the Phone app because you cannot answer the call until it is complete.
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    No problems here with any Bluetooth setting.. My phone logs are 4-5 months old (although I don't get a lot of calls).

    And you should not have to manually clear cache, the 680 handles this on its own.

    The OP has bad software installed or a bad 680.
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    your post is way too vague - if you say you are progressively getting more resets over time then it is most likely a software issue - I have over 50 apps installed with no resets.
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