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    Since I'm in Canada, where data costs $0.03 a kb, I rarely use it. However, I was caught in the snowstorm today, and needed to check email. When I did, I was immediately informed the network was unavailable.

    I was waiting on a con-call, and so had BT enabled for my headset. On a whim, I disabled BT, and then tried checking email again. Network connected immediately and downloaded the messages I needed.

    Do people with actual, affordable data plans have to keep switching between them and BT as well?

    I'd heard about Palm OS not allowing simultaneous WiFi and Voice/Data, but never BT...
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    That sounds like an abberation. I have not had that happen with my 680s (review unit and owned unit).
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    No. No connection between data and BT. There IS, however a relation between SMS and data--there is some interactino between the two.
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    When you first tried it, the network could have been unavailable because of the sheer number of people doing voice calls during that big snow storm (I'm in Toronto too). Remember that Data has a lower priority than Voice calls as well.
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    Thanks, I'll have to try again. It was literally, BT on, no, BT on, no, BT off, yes, but if it's doable, I wanna do it

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