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    I have a 770p. I have a fair amount of email traffic (versamail) with extensive attachments. I delete virtually all emails within a day or so - so I have less than 1-2 MB of email on the Treo at any time. The Treo memory shows over 18 MB of "email" even when I delete ALL email (and empty trash etc) - which is inaccurate.

    After digging through the desktop files looking for a file that would explain this - I found a palm backup file "MultiMail_attachments.PDB" with 17+MB of data. So it looks like the desktop retains old email/email attachments and that data somehow ends up taking space in the pda memory (even though it has been deleted from the pda versamail).

    I have tried deleting the backup file - but can't seem to get rid of it. My guess is that these is probably a fairly simple delete/synch dance that addresses it - tech support doesn't know it - does anyone out there know it?
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    do you mean a 700P? I have never heard of a 770P
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    Is this a leak??? 770P is out? Can we see some blurry pics?
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    Quote Originally Posted by treoneo View Post
    Is this a leak??? 770P is out? Can we see some blurry pics?
    Oh no!! Not a premature silly season!!!
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    Use FileZ to delete the file.
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    Is that a 770p or are you just happy to see me? Maybe its a burrito
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