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    So I have a bit of a dilemma here...I have about 70 GB of music on my computer, nearly all of it encoded in AAC format (I'm using iTunes on a Mac). So I just got Missing Sync, which is amazing, and I obviously can't put but a small fraction of my music on my Treo, but I still want to be able to switch it around.

    As of right now, however, the only media players I have are RealPlayer and TCPMP, neither of which will play AAC. So I don't know if it makes more sense to convert all of my music to MP3, which would be a hell of a process but might be worth it if MP3 is more versatile in general (is it? have been trying to find info on this, can't really tell), or to just buy one of the AAC media players for the Palm. From what I've seen there is no freeware that will, and it looks like it's either Kinoma, AeroPlayer, or PocketTunes. Which one of these do people recommend the most??

    It seems that PocketTunes has a lot of cool features, but it's pretty costly, while AeroPlayer costs more to get both AAC and MP3 license, which it seems you'd want, and I'm not sure about Kinoma.

    I know everybody says RealPlayer is terrible, but I like that it continues playing in the background while you do other things, that's kinda important to me - is PTunes the only AAC player that will do that?

    I really would just like to hear people's thoughts, so whatever you've got, please throw it out there. Thanks a lot.
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    TCPMP plays aac files just fine. You need the plugin that was removed from the distribution for digital rights reasons... it is called tcpmp_aac_plugin.prc. I downloaded it from some site I googled.
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    Aha, I had seen some things about that in some places, but wasn't sure if it were still applicable.

    But TCPMP still won't play in the background, right? That kinda sucks, and it just seems like there are things that are missing from it that the others might have, but I know people love it.

    Thanks for the quick response though. I'll definitely look for that plugin.
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    I'm demoing PocketTunes on a Treo 700p, syncing with a MacBook via MissingSync and it's working great, well, if I can figure out how to get rid of the built in songs. Yeah, it's costly, but, I think it'd be worth it, if you listen to music a lot. I recently figured out I can use it in my car, using a tape adapter. Although, I found this out after purchasing an iPod nano to do just that (and take to the gym).

    I think all have demo periods. Try them out and see which you prefer.

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