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    I havea pc-based application that can convert video files for viewing on the Treo. Has anyone found a particular group of parameters they like best in terms on sound quality, frame rate, and size. 320x240 resolution seems to work well, especially on HD tv shows. but I can't seem to find good choices for the sound and video frame rates. I use an app called video converter.
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    I use Pocket DVD to convert DVD and TV for Core Player, also typically at 320xX resolution (depends if it's widescreen or fullscreen format source).

    For frame rate and sound, it really depends. For TV, I typically pick lower settings, low FM sound, etc. as I just want quantity and need the smaller file size. For real beauty stuff, of course, I go higher, MBs be danged
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    I use Tonylmiller's settings and the movies come out perfect...
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    Sounds elaborate. Pocket DVD Studio takes, start to finish, roughly 1/2 the time of the file (a 2 hour movie takes about 1 hour), no finding the file on the DVD, no prior indexing, etc.

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