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    So for a few months I have been using YAPS (Yet Another Password Storer) to store a bunch of my passwords, and I like it a lot. Well when I got my replacement 650 recently and I just downloaded Missing Sync, all of my passwords are gone.

    Anybody have any idea why this would have happened??? Any way to possibly get them back?

    Any thoughts would be great. Thanks a lot.
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    The data is stored in YapsDB.pdb
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    Thanks for the response, so I have been trying and trying but even when I install the YapsDB.pdb, there's nothing there. It seems that perhaps they got wiped clean somehow during one of the syncs when I was restoring my info, installing Missing Sync, etc. Who knows.

    I do have backups on NVBackup, but I see my one from about a month ago doesn't have that YapsDB file, isn't that strange? Any other ideas? Or should I just forget about it and hope that it doesn't happen again.
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