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    Sorry if it's been posted or is common knowledge, just figured some folks would be interested if not.

    I found it last night searching the web for sites that allow me to stream tv on my 700P.

    There aren't that many chanells, but a few and definately worth a look.

    Not all of the chanells work, but more then half of them do, for me at least.

    It has a few different CNN's, a few local chanells, a handful of sports chanells including ESPN, CNBC, Bloomberg and some other news chanells and also has a bunch of radio stations.

    Good luck.
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    That's NOT the US CNBC channel. But still very nice stuff. Bloomberg (as per the description) IS the US channel BUT audio is not supported. Several channels don't work at all- Kinoma opens up and then immediately exits.
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    Links, of course, work fine on a WM Treo, too. (I have a 700Wx.)
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    works but VERY choppy and keeps telling me insufficient band width?

    can anyone help?

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