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    This is the second time that this has happened to me.. The first time was when I accidentally dropped my phone (I can understand why something might have gone wrong with that)... But this time... I didn't do a thing!!!

    ALL My messages are gone!!

    Do they just delete after so long or something?

    I do have OnGuard installed and it does backup Nexter (which I thought was sms) but it doesn't seem to backup the Messages Database.pdb.

    Is there some way to make sure that this file gets backed up with the Northglide software


    is there any explanation WHY the file keeps deleting/truncating to nothing/clearing out???

    Thanks in advance

    The only thing that I can think of is that last night my phone crashed on me... Maybe I was in SMS at the time and the file got corrupted.. Maybe the treo deletes everything if that happens??? Would that be a good assumption???

    The crash was REALLY weird "WindowGraphics.c" Empty Bitmap Family... <Unknown Application>...
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    The Messages Database.pdb is one of the files that BackupBuddy backs up automatically . . . . . I just located it as one of the files available to restore. . . . .

    Not sure why it keeps getting emptied on you. . . . if it happens again . . . . I would do a clean install. . . . something is obviously amiss.
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    Is there a way to do that with the Northglide software...
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    I do not have the Northglide Software . . .you will have to wait for someone that does to chime in. . . . . .

    Good Luck.
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    You might want to verify that you have the latest version of the backup software. You may have discovered a bug.
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    My phone deletes the Messages Database all the time. Just last week it did after a spontaneous reset after a phonecall. It's the weirdest and most annoying thing.
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    I wonder if it's the same kind of thing I've seen on the 650. Every so often, the file would become corrupt to the point the messaging software would not read the file properly. Inbox would all of a sudden be empty, but the sent folder would display all the messages I had sent. When I would examine the file directly using a PC, I'd see that ALL the messages were really still there.
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    Maybe there's a max size that it can handle. Mine was about 3.5 MB or something like that.
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    Does anyone know how to get Message Database.pdb saved/backed up using Northglide?
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    Do you hot sync? It's in your backup folder on the PC if you do...
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    650: At 1 point I thought size might be an issue. Now realize not (at least for me).
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    Quote Originally Posted by Christinac130 View Post
    Do you hot sync? It's in your backup folder on the PC if you do...
    Yeah I hot sync but that doesn't help me when I am on the go
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    Use PowerGUARD lite to periodically save a copy to your card.

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