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    I haven't done too much playing around so far, but here is what I have going on.

    I have Exchange Activesync setup (with the new direct push patch). It currently syncs calendar, contacts, and email and does them all very well. Only issue I have is it doesn't seem to sync a contact's photo. So if I have a photo in Outlook it doesn't get sync'd to the 680 and vice versa.

    I can't do a direct sync after the fact because Hotsync will kill itself if I set the options for syncing Contacts to anything other than "do nothing". It gives an error warning that it won't proceed because syncing a conduit and using Activesync will produce duplicates. Good enough (actually glad it was smart enough to warn).

    So here's my questions:

    1. Can somebody else who has Activesync setup, including the new patch, confirm that it DOES NOT sync a contacts photo? This way I'll know if its just a limitation of the software and not a problem with my setup.

    2. Anybody have any ideas on workarounds?

    - I could always Kill the activesync account, do a manual sync via plugging in directly, and then resetup active sync (could take 15 minutes every time I want to do it every week or two)

    - Manually put the photo in each spot. This one seems the fastest, but my only problem here is many of my photos for contacts are by clicking the picture in the contact and choosing camera, then taking a quick shot so I can remember a face. I can't seem to find these pictures anywhere so I could manually get them off and put them in Outlook. Anybody have a similar setup that can tell me where they are (not in Photos and Videos on Card or Palm that I can see).

    - ??? Anybody else have any ideas to a workaround or to get it working ???
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    Activesync does not sync Contact Photos. They are stored differently on the Treo than in Outlook. Other than it, wireless active sync is very, very cool.
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    Hmm... sorry to revive an old thread, but I'd have to say my experience is different. On my 650 with Versamail 3.5, EAS syncs some of my contact's photos, but not others. Strange, but better than nothing I guess. Anyone who can offer some advice as to how to get Versamail to sync all contact photos over the air would be really appreciated.
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    I've noticed the same thing -- some photos came across with EAS, but not others. I'm so puzzled/annoyed. Anyone get this fixed?

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