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    I never sync my 700P and it works pretty well most of the time. I back it up instead and then copy my backups to my laptop and a flashstick. Syncing has always caused a bunch of problems so I stopped doing it when I realized that you don't have to do it.

    Do you sync your 700P??

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    I sync about every other day or so. Not many problems during the sync. Just the usual 700P bluetooth resets, etc.
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    I don't think I've sunc in the entire time I've had my 700p.
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    I use daily NV Backup to SD Card and Hot Sync around once a week
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    Last 26 months. . . . 24 w/ 650, 2 w/ 700P:

    Hot sync nightly.
    Backup to SD card every morning with BackupBuddy. (Or right after input of important data)
    Backup SD card weekly.
    Backup PC weekly.
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    Hot Sync daily
    SD Backup nightly w/BackupMan
    Backup SD Card weekly
    Backup laptop weekly
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    i hot sync daily - and to 2 computers! my work and my home. but this is because i rely heavily on the palm desktop when i am working at my desk.

    palm IIIxe, tungsten t, tx, and now...a treo 700P
    palm all the way.
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    I sync everyday.
    I get a lot of calendar changes at work, and I still play with apps from time to time.
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    I no longer sync at work now that Versamail is doing all the mail/calendar/contact stuff wirelessly. But I do at home for Pocket Quicken, SplashID, SplashShopper, iTunes, and iPhoto (both through MissingSync).
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    Sync every few days. Autoback up every night to SD with RescoBackup.
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    Automated daily backup with NV at 1am, hotsync a few times a month, mainly to just install apps.
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    On desktop about 2-3xs a week and feel guilty of not doing it everyday. I do however backup to a card via BupBuddy.

    I back up my cards to my PC every now and again.
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    I dont sync, I back up. One day, when I get my new computer, I will hotsync.
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    I sync at work every day, both right when I get in and right before I leave. Rarely-to-never a problem. I also backup each night with NVBackup. Copy sd card to desktop whenever I think about and have the time (once every couple months).
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    I sync twice a day - in the middle of the night (not the song) with Resco Backup and when I get home from work. Ben
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    I hotsync at work every day... like other said to keep my calendar updated. I hotsync at home every week or 2 just to keep a backup.

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    no sync here also
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    I sync about 2 time a week @ work and home. weekly backups via NV Backup to SD.
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    Quote Originally Posted by bean View Post
    i hot sync daily - and to 2 computers! my work and my home. but this is because i rely heavily on the palm desktop when i am working at my desk.
    Bean, could you let me know how to sync to two computers?

    I sync daily when in my office, as that is necessary so that my office calendar is up to date. However, I would like to sync with my notebook as well, for a few reasons: One, when I am traveling and two, there are many times when I am working from home and would like to d/l a program that I have seen.

    Thanks in advance for your help

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    I sync about ten times a week. Most days on my desktop at home (and it'll charge there too). Several days on my desktop at work (this also makes my appointments show up in my work Outlook for me). Once or twice a week on my PowerBook (I only copy to the PowerBook, the palm software seems to get a little confused otherwise).

    NVbackup runs everynight for me at 3:30 am.

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