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    Sprint has just opened up a new website where they have an official forum for their users to post issues, likes, dislikes, dissatisfactions, etc. It's a good idea, I think, and maybe a good way for us 700p users to convince sprint of our utter disappointment in their lack of pressure on Palm to fix these issues in a timely manner. The website is here:

    I think it would be a great idea for each user here who has sprint to post in those forums about their disappointment about the complete lack of support from Palm regarding the 700p issues and basically everything we talked about here, and see what kind of a response we can get from Sprint themselves.
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    I also think, because we have already covered nearly everything here in multiplicity, that we also post direct links to our forum here so they can get a feel for the real dissatisfaction within the 700P community as a whole. Sure, there are some folks who aren't experiencing some of the issues we have all come to know so well, but for the most part, every 700P user has something that doesn't work 'as advertised'.

    Thanks for posting this, Merlyn - this could lead to something great for all of us. At a minimum, we will finally be heard...

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