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    Well, folks, received my fourth 700P today, and I took the plunge. I re-activated it, and put my Blackberry 8703e to rest for another testing session. I’m still trying to give Palm another chance. Actually seems to be running pretty darn smooth. Had a few problems earlier this evening. Downloaded ChatterMail and it just about made my phone explode! Or was it me that was ready to explode! Couldn’t get it to work worth a darn, and when I tried to uninstall it, it would leave one file behind. So, the ol hard re-set took place, and cleaned it up. Logged on using the wireless sync mail program and it is actually working pretty darn good. Sends the mail quickly, and has been receiving it in a pretty timely fashion. Time will tell………………………..

    I’ll give another fair chance, and time will tell. Sure miss the multimedia features on the 700P, and I have been using the Blackberry for the last few months, so it’s a nice change, as long as the constant problems the 700P is known for don’t appear.

    Wish Me Luck !!!

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    Out of the box 700p runs pretty good. Over time it slowly gets slower and slower. Of course 3rd party apps add to this.
    If I could know then, what I know now.

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