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    My battery refuses to charge. I have replaced the charger and replaced the battery but no luck. i want to try a zero out reset...but now i worry that that will restore the cingular branding. will a zero out reset restore cingular branding? will it relock my phone? will i have to get the firmware again? will that mean i have to follow all your steps again?
    please help!
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    My guess is : yes.

    You mean you did not save those instructions when you used them the last time ?
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    Zero out resets will NOT restore your subsidy lock, nor will they change your firmware.
    Once unlocked, you're good. I believe the only thing I've seen that has relocked a phone was to enter in an inaccurate unlock code.
    You're good to go.

    By the way, unlocking and unbranding are two separate things.
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