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    I've currently got a T5 which syncs to my iMac via MissingSync. It currently has the profile per my name.

    I'm about to get a Treo680 and want to sync it to my iMac via MissingSync also.

    Question I have is can I change the profile name on my T5 to "T5" in MissingSync and then give the Treo680 a different profile name of "Treo 680"?

    Reason is that I want to continue to sync both devices to my iMac as T5 will be passed on to my wife.
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    I use Windows but the concepts that follow should be the same.
    Sync your T5 to backup your data. Then to avoid problems with 3rd party software if any, navigate to Palm program folder and rename the Backup folder in your User Folder something like "BackupOld" or "BackupT5". The first time you sync your 680, Sync should prompt you for which user or profile you want to sync. Select your own of course and sync. You should now have your Contacts, Calendar and other PIM data on your 680. Install 3rd party apps one at a time and test to make sure they run well on the 680.

    Hard reset the T5; this should erase all data and preferences.
    Sync the T5 and you should again be prompted for which user (or new user if your wife has no data on the Mac in question) you want to Sync.

    Sorry for the verbose answer, thought it would be helpful.

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