First time poster, i've watched this forum as a visitor for a while now on and off. Very impressed with everyone that posts here, you're all much more proficient than me with my Treo.

I have tried numerous BT headsets, most with differing success, although not up to my expectations. I purchased from Best Buy this car kit. I ran a search and was only able to come up with one response with a 700P, which was not very favorable. Anyone else try this set up, for $99 with free installation, I thought it was worth trying.

All in all, I am very disappointed with Palms approach to BT. My company has a policy that I must be on hands free. Just wondering if this should be attempted to have installed. Will my problems go away?

BTW- I am up for an upgrade in March, I am seriously considering looking at the Audiovox mobile PC or pocket PC or?

Thanks for everyones time, hopefully someone can tell me nogo or you'll be fine.