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    At the recent Toronto International Automobile Show, in the Rogers Centre (The Sky Dome to those of us who know hype and money doesn't always buy Brand recognition), there was a Palm Canada display and coffee bar. Almost totally uninformative as a display and hosted almost entirely by a 3rd Party marketing company, there was, nonetheless, a real live Palm Canada employee in attendance.

    I thought they were a figment of the imagination, toiling away in the equally imaginary Palm Canada Headquarters - but there he was! Could have knocked me down with a feather.

    Got into quite a chat with him (just as well as didn't have my TX with me or I would have used its wifi to cruise to all the forums sites listing 'issues' with Palm) but we compared 680s and he was much interested in mine with my TX's Favorites and Notes on it. I did touch upon the thorny issue of wifi on the 680 (the lack thereof) and here he sucked his teeth and shook his head knowingly.

    "Ah well, that's the wireless companies we're working with. That's their call."

    No kidding. Pity the same couldn't be argued for unlocked phones.

    Anyhoo, like I said, I was fairly shocked to see a Palm Canada rep - the last one I saw was some 5 years ago, and then, only fleetingly. No Palm stores here, so representation by Palm is normally virtual (if not outright nonexistent) at best...
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    Hey, there are no Palm stores here either...practically speaking. I find them a shocking surprise to run into them, almost invariably at an airport (or Rockefeller Center--a bizarre location, in a way). In other words, there are places (most places, actually) here where there is no Palm store for almost 2,000 miles.

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