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    I have a Sprint Palm 700p and just started a job where I want to see my corporate Microsoft Outlook/Exchange e-mails on my 700p. I see that there are a couple of options (Get Good, BizConn, and Versamail). BizConn apparently requires that my computer be always on (kind of silly if you are traveling and the laptop is WITH you and not connected to the network....hence, e-mail access via the phone). The Versamail option looks best and I was able to easily set it problem, it sync everything...e-mail, contacts, calendar with my Outlook. I ONLY want to sync the e-mails from Outlook and leave my Palm calendar and contacts un-synced as the ones on my Palm are personal and I don't want it to "mingle" with my Outlook contacts and calendar in the work world. I can't find a setting turn off contacts and calendar sync...anybody know how to do this? Is this possible?

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    Check w/ your IT person. . . . we are a MS Windows and Outlook shop . . but I was provided server addresses that allow me to access just email thru the VersaMail "account" that I have set up for work on my Treo 700P. . . . . . it acts just like my personal email VersaMail access -- just an exchange of emails. . . .

    It is set up as a POP account in VersaMail with:

    Account Name: your choice
    Mail Service: Other
    Protocol: POP

    Username: the portion b4 the @ in your full company email address
    Password: that email address' password

    Email address: your full company email address
    Incoming Mail Server = (your company mail server)
    Outgoing Mail Server = (outgoing works better this way)

    ADVANCED (go to 2nd page)
    Outgoing server settings:
    check authentication (ESMTP)
    username: your Sprint email username (the portion b4 the @)
    password: your sprint email address password
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    I believe my IT person said that they do not have anything special set-up, just the Exchange server (we are a small company and I am the only Treo user). Would the POP server access only work if we had something special set up? We do have a Blackberry server, is there something I can do there? Thanks.
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    Ask your Exchange Administrator if IMAP is enabled. I believe it migjt be in Exchange 2003 but I'm not an admin myself. If IMAP is enabled it is far superior to POP. Multiple clients can access the identical mail information. It is similar to Exchange Server in this way but without Contacts, Calendar, Notes, and Tasks sync on the desktop(s).
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    OK, no luck with my IT on IMAP (or POP). They do not have it turned on and say that they will not as they have security concerns about it (and the Treo, by the way...they suggested I get a Windows Treo or other PDA....Ha!).

    OK, back to the problem.....we have a Blackberry server so that looks like my only option. I see that the Treo 680 from Cingular had Blackberry Connect ability at some point through Versamail. Is there any way I can connect to the Blackberry server on my Sprint 700p? HELP!!!!

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