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    Release Notes Attached

    New in Good Messaging Client Version 4.9.3
    • Support for Daylight Savings Time Adjustment 2007 (US and Western Australia)
    • Client can view Office 2007 documents in “text mode.” If your device includes a viewer that is compatible with Office 2007, you can choose “View High Quality” to launch the native document viewer.
    • Categories for Good Tasks and Contacts will be synchronized to your handheld. New categories for tasks and contacts can be created on your device.
    • Larger emails will automatically be downloaded as the user scrolls down the screen. The “More” button will no longer be available. In the event that the user scrolls to the bottom before the rest of the message has been retrieved, the user will see “Getting more data…” on the screen. In the same way, opening emails in a “Headers Only” folder will automatically display the message contained in the email.
    • “Exit” option now supported across all platforms, all handhelds.
    • Ability to add to existing contacts on Palm handhelds from call log.
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    Why no more cabled installs?

    Handheld cabled installation and maintenance are no longer supported with version 4.9.3.
    I tried setting one up OTA recently, and it was a PITA When I get new units in, I just plug them in and I'm done. Why remove features? Besides, this very issue will create another issue

    Users who have DocsToGo v9.0 can encounter memory issues when upgrading from 4.9.2 to 4.9.3. These users may require the use of an SD card to upgrade the client if they do not have enough memory available on their device.
    If cabled install was still available, I wouldn't have the issue above, would I?

    Thankfully I only have to support about 10 650's (the rest are 700p's).

    Between this and all of the DST patching I have to do, it's gonna be a long weekend
    Using MotoQ on Sprint
    Supporting Treo 650's, 700P's and MotoQ's on Sprint and Verizon.
    Good Admin too
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    and it changed my text messaging default contact list from Good to the pocket outlook contacts. is there any way to change this back to Good. ~ Chris
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    Quote Originally Posted by PCTim
    Why no more cabled installs?
    My guess is the idea is to replace cabled installs with SD install
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    maybe a dumb question, but im new to GMM I use it through a hosted exchange service. how do I update my device?
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    Your hosting provider has to update their server and push the new client out to you.
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    After upgrading from 4.9.2 to 4.9.3 on a treo 680, all of the text for things like button labels and menu items are incorrect and random, as if GMM was reading the incorrect record from a database of text labels. So, for example, the button that usually says (and means) "Compose" now says "Downloading Image." Everything functions correctly. This is occasionally hilarious but more generally very annoying. Any ideas about what to do?
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    Are there any instructions on how to upgrade Good Server to version 4.9.3 from version I couldnt find a how-to in the installation docs...

    Please advise..

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    I found the upgrade notes, however when i run the installer I get this error:

    Good Messaging Server Installation

    There is an existing Good Messaging Server production version installed. You can not install or upgrade across Good Messaging Server products.
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    I installed 4.9.3 and all seems to be OK. But where is the exit option? I looked under menu in Calendar, Contacts and Inbox.
    Treo 750 - Cingular/ATT
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    for the exit option, go to the good launcher and then select menu again.

    The only option should be "Exit Good Messaging".

    And Jshapiro2, Dude, I have yet to see that ever happening. But on the other hand we don't use treo680's. But on ever other install, I have yet to see that happening.
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    Thanks DarthKim. I am glad too see that it is FINALLY available.

    OK, before I ask GoodGuy to comment on this I am going to give my fellow WM GMM users the chance to tell me if I am all wet. So here it goes...

    To have to pull up the GoodLauncher then choose menu and then Exit seems just crazy. We have been waiting for this for so long and this is how it is implemented? I don't know about everyone else, but I am constantly having to use GMM in the Email/Compose, Contacts or Calendar mode. Because I use these constantly throughout the day I have them assigned to hardware buttons to quickly access them. Why is there not an Exit choice in the menu when in Email, Cal or Contacts mode? Why is it only in the Launcher? I, for one, never use the Launcher because its just extra, unnecessary keystrokes.

    For me this just furthers my belief that Good makes continuously poor decisions on implementing some of the most basic functionality. Every other app responds to the "X = close" (when using a closer app). But GMM doesn't work like any other app and therefore doesn't truly close on "X". So the GMM Exit option is the only way to truly shut it down and reclaim the ungodly amount of RAM it eats up. Knowing that, why would Good bury this in the Launcher? The user should be able to exit the app from any of the GMM screens they are in!
    Treo 750 - Cingular/ATT
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    If I got to for an OTA install, will I get 4.9.3? Or is it dependent on my organization?
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    OK, I'm confused. I went out to and all I could find is the SD install for 4.9.3. How do I install 4.9.3 OTA? All it gives me is a .prc and to install that OTA I have to designate it as custom software. I cannot uncheck under the Good Technology apps, therefore it will push both the as the true version and then I am pushing 4.9.3 as a .prc under Custom Software. Isn't that going to cause a conflict?

    Certainly, this isn't right, is it?
    Treo 700P (& GoodLink Administrator)
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    Well, I OTA'ed the .prc for SD 4.9.3. It installed the app under Good Applications and I had to manually select it. It went through the unzip and stated that it completed. The server and handheld still show that I have Go figure...
    Treo 700P (& GoodLink Administrator)
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    Uhm, as far as i know, there isn't a way for us to have two GMM version selected in the console at the same time. Where are you seeing this?

    For most users, the 4.9.3 has to be selected by your Good Admin on the Good Management console, and once it is, previous versions are deprecated.

    You shouldn't have to push 4.9.3 as a custom software. The only reason i can think of this happeneing (you not being able to see the 4.9.3 version), is that your Good Server is not (it's an older version).

    Connekkted, initially, i thought the same as you. I was kind of bugged as to why they placed the exit key in a semi hidden area. But knowing my users, if the exit option was available in the email/calendar/tasks apps, most would exist out of the app by accident and then label the app slow when having to restart it again. There are some improvements in 4.9.3 that are very welcome. However, I look forward to 5.0 (and drop this GMM/GMD combo install).

    Veblen, the version of GMM that is available to you is wholly dependent upon your organization. For example, in our org, we create a whole new group and then migrate the users over to make sure that the new versions works properly.
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    Quote Originally Posted by veblen View Post
    If I got to for an OTA install, will I get 4.9.3? Or is it dependent on my organization?
    it is dependant on what your Good Admin sets as the version for your account
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    Quote Originally Posted by Darthkim View Post
    You shouldn't have to push 4.9.3 as a custom software. The only reason i can think of this happeneing (you not being able to see the 4.9.3 version), is that your Good Server is not (it's an older version).
    the version of the cleint doesnt have anything to do with the version of the client

    the client has to be made default for the specific user group, that is all done by the good admin, again this doesnt rely on the software version of the good mobile server
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    Posted this on another thread, but I'll ask it here as well. GoodGuy, can you explain why somebody thought it was a good idea to take over the buttons on the Treo? And even more annoying, it keeps taking them over after a reset despite the fact that I've changed my preferences?

    Those are my preferences, not yours, and it annoys me deeply that some jerk on the Good development team thought it was a great idea to disregard what their customer wants.

    You need to patch this so that you don't take over the buttons in the first place, and that once a user sets their preferences your application respects that selection.
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    On the buttons issue I suspect this is a bug in GMM's code rather than a concious decision on their part. Most likely, in Good's fervant attempt to fix the DST issues they simply forgot to check for what state the buttons were in before assigning the Good function to them. I firmly believe that the DST issue, while having been known about for more than a year, took everyone by surprise. Witness Microsof's almost hourly changing of their documentation for making Exchange be DST compliant. Even Good in this forum had several DST compliance messages before finally stating that you had to have 4.9.3 to be compliant.

    I suspect there will be a sometime in the very near future to address this particular issue.
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