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    I have a bunch of tasks I need/want to do every so often. Things like "water the garden once a week", "email my sister once a month". Basically I would like my treo to remind me when I haven't done one of these tasks for too long. It would tell me "it's been more than a week since you last watered the garden", or whatever.
    What I am NOT looking for: I am not talking about "recurring appointments" in the Calendar. I do not want something that tells me "water the garden every monday". These are things I don't have to do at any set time, and I don't want to see them in my calendar.

    How I imagine this would work:
    - Set up a list of tasks
    - for each task, set how often you want to do it (e.g. weekly, every two weeks, monthly, etc)

    When you do one of the tasks, you choose it from the list, and say "Done".

    There should be a view of all tasks that I haven't done for longer than the specified period.

    Is there any existing software out there that can do this? I am a new Treo user, so I am hoping one of the more advanced calendaring/task management applications available can do this.

    Thanks for any advice.
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    Hmm, probably won't find this application on the iPhone though. You should look for a Treo application.
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    what you are looking for can be done with the task app already on your treo. create a new task and give it a completion date. Under repeat (or recurrance) put 1 week. when you click it as completed, it will just change the due date for 1 week later.

    Also note that the agenda view of the calendar can show tasks due today or past due.

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