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    OK, so I got the same leadon as everyone else, an offer in December to upgrade to the 680 from the 650 for $74 or so...figuring I had naught to lose, I took 'em up on the offer. I had been particularly interested in the newly-enabled DUN feature of the 680.

    I asked when I upgraded whether I'd be charged a different rate or an upgrade fee if I re-upped my contract to get this device. Was assured by customer service I could use DUN with my unlimited data plan.

    So, just now I go to pair the 680 with my IBook...get the PPP configured, install modem scripts, and get nothing but authentication errors. I call up Cingular to find out what gives, and find out they charge $.01 per KILOBYTE of service for DUN on TOP of my "unlimited data plan". So loading, say, the front page of would cost me at least $5.00 after all the ads and spyware. Unbelievable! All this after I discover the 680 has terrible battery life; is stiff and unresponsive; and has no better signal than my old 650.

    Just my luck my 30-day window to return the damn thing expired last week. I decided to call and ask to be let out of the contract anyway...honestly, I think I'd have a case if I contested this with my credit card. "Unlimited data plan"? Give me a break. However, after a few-minute wait on hold, the Cingular rep agreed and I'm scheduled to mail the 680 back this week.

    I have to wonder if they've realized they're going to have to ramp up customer service if they want to keep people from migrating to the other telcos. Unfortunately for them I've recently been doing some reading in these pages about unlocked Treos and SIM cards, so my days of the 2-year contract just may be over!

    I really think Palm laid an egg with the 680. I'll have to do some research to see if the 700P is any better...but I have to admit I'm seriously thinking about waiting for June and getting myself an IPhone.
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    Heh... How to say this delicately.. Well, I can't, so I'll just post links.. At least for the next person who thinks Cingular supports DUN. Just do it yourself..
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    I've heard mixed things: Some people seem to be reporting big bills for DUN on Cingular. Others seem to be saying that it works great (at least with PDANet), and I'm assuming people aren't paying $5 per web page.

    Does anyone have any first-hand experience as to whether DUN is being billed at high rates or works OK? Does it matter which plan you have (e.g., a non-smartphone plan, a smartphone plan, or a special DUN plan)?
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    From khayt's 2nd link:

    Generally, if you have an unlimited data plan you’re ok, but if you have any doubts you should check with your provider. If not, it could get really expensive.

    Yeah. Cingular's 'unlimited' plan is false advertising, pure and simple. I'd've been ready to write my state attorney general if they hadn't let me out of that contract.

    Are any others better? I'm seriously considering unlocking my 650 and going the pay-as-you-go route. I'm sure Cing DUN is so expensive because Cing is trying to force people to use Blazer, which isn't terrible, but which can't read .php or .cfm pages, amongst other formats.

    Update: I'm still reading these excellent links. Looks like the deal is you get up to six megs of usage per month out of Cingular's MEdianet plan, but bupkus out of the more-expensive PDANet plans. Which is insane, since it would seem to encourage people to stay with less-expensive browserless phones...but WTF?? I just logged into my account at Cingular, and MY plan is listed as MEdianet/Unlimited, although it still shows up as 'PDACNCTUNTLADD' on my bill...Arrrgh!!
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    Perhaps now that Cingular IS AT&T they've picked up the lousy customer service and arrogant attitude. Well, at least that's my recollection of AT&T.

    I've been a very happy customer of T-mobile for a few years now so take my view with a grain of salt.
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    This is dumb.. I've used DUN to suppliment my DSL when it went out for an entire weekend. You know what showed up on the bill? Data usage.

    Blazer can't display php or cfm pages? if the webserver doesn't serve html to the browser, what's it supposed to do with it? Blazer doesn't have a lot of the features bigger browsers do, but guess what, no browser "reads" php or cfm files. They read HTML. It's a mimetype or encoding problem. I haven't seen a php 'problem' for a year out of Blazer.
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    I was without a PC for over a year when I first got my 650 and practically lived on TreoCentral. My average data usage on Cingular was over 300MB per month and I was never questioned about my usage...I was on the $19.99 MediaNet plan.
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    I understand how .php works, but assumed most casual readers of this forum wouldn't. Seems like sometimes it's easier to have a conversation when you make it as easy as you can for folks stopping by to understand what you're talking about.

    Post a link here that'll work for you in Blazer and let me see if I can get it to show up in my browser. Could be I have some arcane setting causing trouble...

    I have to think Cing. has just revised this pay-per-kb policy they appear to have instituted. Noticed a few people in various DUN-related threads reporting their service has suddenly stopped working, all of them with authentication errors.

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