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    My wife and I each have Treo 700p's. We have shared personal contacts and calendars, but but we each have our own work contacts and calendar items. I want my Treo to sync my work items and the shared personal items and hers to sync her work items and the shared personal items. Is there a good way to do this? To add to the complications, I have a Mac at work and she has a PC running XP. At home we have a PC running XP, but we may replace it with a Mac in the future. I am willing to have her contacts and calendar on my Treo, but if so I need it to be viewed separately. Do I need to buy Pocket Mirror Pro? Can I do this with Outlook folders? How? I appreciate any assistance you can give.
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    As far as I know, Palm does not support shared calendars or shared contacts in the same same sync.

    A work around is to have different categories for you and and your wife... ie: Wife's Work, Wife's Personal, Your Work, Your Personal. Then you can switch in between. Not the cleanest solution... but I think the only one.
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    If you have different Hot Sync IDs, you should be able to sync multiple devices into the same Palm Desktop and not have them effect eachother...

    Just make sure you choose the correct Hot Sync ID from the drop down list each time you sync.
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    Try SyncUs. It will not do 100% of what you want but you'll get the basics.

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