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    Get Ringo for your ringtone needs. It will do everything you want.

    As for streaming video, upgrading Kinoma should fix you up.

    Zlauncher will let you customize the interface to your heart's content with themes and iconsets. You can set background pictures, etc.

    Orb will allow you to stream your audio collection to your phone anywhere you are. Sling is currently in beta and will allow this also, but it will be a while. Orb works well from what I've read though and it's free.

    Good luck!
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    Well I just want to say a HUGE "thank you" to everyone who has responded. I really think Im starting to get the hang of this thing Tonight I installed NVBackup, Kimona 4Ex, Ptunes Deluxe and Colorize. and I found some trick on here that saved me 10 bucks on the Kimona install, which is great! I cant believe what this phone is capable of, the new version of Ptunes is awesome with its dowloadable skins and what not and Kimona is I cant watch videos while on Blazer now and I know I still have SO much more to learn!

    So, thanks again for all your knowledge and input, it is GREATLY appreciated.

    ps- Colorize is fun, my treo is purple and baby blue now
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    I love NOAH PRO, which is a dictionary (formerly a pay app, now free). I can't tell you how many times I was on the phone and someone used a word that I wanted to verify the meaning of.
    Go slow in installing new applications as some can be buggy and you want to be able to know which one is causing problems.
    I've been having intermittent phone crashes and resets. While I don't know which one is the culprit, I've removed all apps, except NVBackup and Noah. So far so good, no crashes.
    I also liked TreoAlarm, which turns the phone on and off per schedule (say, off at 11 PM and on at 7 AM, M-F, etc.)
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    Try these basic apps when you're ready...

    FileZ: Allows you to see every file in ROM, RAM and on your SD card so you can edit and move files around. Almost everyone with a Treo has it and you need it in some situations.

    PalmPuke or CardKeeper: These make audible sounds if you remove or insert your SD card. It helps in the case of an accidental ejection. Which one you use depends on your preference. PalmPuke makes goofy sounds (belch, puke, Nelson from the Simpson's "HaHa") while Card Keeper uses standard sounds. I use PalmPuke for my kids' entertainment.

    HandyShopper: This is my most used app. It allows you to make any list you want (shopping, to do, checklist) with prices, different stores, etc... It has all kinds of customization options, including an extensive icon collection.

    These are all very basic and already know to be stable, so you should be safe.
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    Quote Originally Posted by cathartic8881 View Post
    I cant WAIT for my 4GB card!
    How is that 4GB SD card working out?
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