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    Of a device...
    • that resets frequently
    • that violently rips away from the stupid car phone charger - what a dumb connection point design...I am curious if any of you have found a solution to this single probe connection? duct tape?
    • that requires several additional pieces of software (thank goodness for the developers out there) to operate effectively
    Of the inability of the phone function...
    • to display the number of voice mails I have (is this really that hard?)
    • to tell me when I have a new voice mail (unless you count 60 minutes later as an adequate heads up)
    • to track "all" missed calls - even when in data mode
    • to capture call duration information (start and stop times)
    • to find the signal effectively (can't tell you how many times in downtown Sacramento my phone says "roaming" for several minutes and then "finds" the real signal)
    • to provide sufficient speaker phone volume without the need for VolumeCare
    I think I am at the point of giving up on Palm and on Treos - both of which I have had for years. There has got to be a better way to have excellent phone functionality and access to core business productivity (i.e. email, calendar, viewing documents, sending attachments) wirelessly.

    How much longer are you guys staying with these products?
    Palm, Palm III, Palm Vx, Treo 300, Treo 600, Treo 650, Treo 700p, Treo 755p, and Palm Pixi
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    I can definitely say this will be my last Palm product. The lack of support for a buggy "flagship" product just blows my mind.
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    I lead a charmed life. The initial memory issue was my only 650 problem and, so far. I have only had a very occcassional 2 to 3 second lag going out of Blazer on my 700P. . . . . . . .
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    For the most part, mine only resets when I reset it, which I do daily, and it cleared up a lot of my problems.
    I think the IM software is the cause of my intermittent freezes, but that isn't the Treo's fault.

    I use the car charger regularly with no issues.

    I love the option to add software instead of being bombarded with junk I don't want.

    Lacking voicemail count doesn't bother me in the least, but I guess I can see where that might come in handy for some people.

    It tells me right away when I receive a voicemail and just like my previous cellphones, it sometimes tells me I have voicemail even when the phone didn't ring.

    I always get a listing of missed calls, not sure what you're referring to here.

    My regular LG phone didn't tell me call start and stop times, only duration, so I don't miss it.

    I always have a good signal even in elevators.

    My speakerphone is loud enough for me, I didn't find volume care useful at all, glad it was just a trial.

    I admit that the Treo has it's problems.
    I use to get resets if I'm on a call and another call comes in (very upsetting especially when the call is work related), and I still get the periodic lag while sending a text, but my blue tooth problems have gone away completely.

    Overall, I love my Treo and I'm very glad I chose it over the BB or any windows mobile device.
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    My 700p isn't what I would call "rock solid" by any stretch, but it does work well about 95% of the time. I am anxious for the update to fix some of these issues, but I am happy with my Treo overall. I had a couple of buggy apps that caused some resets, but I found some other solutions and everything is ok for the most part.

    I am disappointed that the EOL is already approaching. I am going to be a little ticked if "Sherlock" is a new PalmOS Treo with the 680 form factor.
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    I have to say, I'm exactly where the OP is on this issue. I have been a loyal Palm/Handspring user since they first started. I have never had as many problems with a piece of consumer electronics (let alone a phone) in my life. I love Treos, and I love Palm, but I've about had it. It's to the point where my phone is crashing several times a day, and I'm no longer able to rely on the core phone functionality--will someone be able to reach me if they need to?

    Honestly, I don't know where else to go. Does Blackberry have the multimedia capabilities I like about the Treo? Does the Windows version of the 700 have the same range of 3rd party apps? Should I just go back to a bare bones cell phone and forget the whole converged device dream?

    More than frustrated.

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