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    I've recently upgraded from the 600, where I had Y!Mail, but this app doesn't transfer to the 700p. I can't seem to find the same 2-way e-mail synch capability except for Yahoo's business version that requires MS Exchange server.

    What am I missing? I just want my Yahoo mail to synch back to the Treo, so that deletions from my PC Inbox remove the same messages from the Treo, the same way it worked on my 600. I've found a Versamail setting for the other direction (Treo -> PC) and have also downloaded the trial version of Chattermail, but am stuck.

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    The free Yahoo mail doesn't allow pop3 access. Unless you have one of the 'pay' accounts you can't check it with Versa or Chatter. Best thing to do is auto forward your Yahoo mail to another account like Fastmail or AOL. These are free and support IMAP connections.
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    Thanks. I should have mentioned that I do have a "pay" acct with Yahoo so I am definitely downloading new Yahoo mail into both Versa and Chatter. Just can't get PC deletions/moves to synch down to the Treo.

    When setting up Versa, I selected "Yahoo" for the Mail Service, which created default settings - pop for incoming and SMTP for outgoing. Is that the problem?
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    When you delete the emails from your pc are they deleted out of your yahoo account too?
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    Right, they are deleted from the Yahoo server. So it isn't a true synch since those same messages are left in the Treo's inbox. Maintaining both inboxes is ridiculous.
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    Totally agree. I'm not sure how to do this on a POP account. I know using an IMAP account and chattermail this can be done. Have you searched for the answer or posted the question in the chattermail forum?
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    It's not possible with POP since the messages are downloaded by the email client. In the case of IMAP, the emails are only cached on the email client, and kept in sync with the server.
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    Okay, but if that's true, then I'm not clear how the previous Y!Mail app worked on my 600. Still pop as far as I knew. And it synched both ways beautifully.

    I'll start checking Chattermail threads since it has the same problem as Versa. I let it automatically set the settings for a Yahoo account, and you'd think they would make it work with these....

    Thanks for your inputs.
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    It's possible that the Y!Mail app didn't act as a standard POP email client, since Yahoo controlled both the application and the server.
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    Yeah, that's exactly what I was guessing.

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    Have you looked into auto-forwarding your Yahoo mail to a free IMAP account? This is what I do with my Yahoo and Gmail accounts.

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