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    I agree with you (see my earlier post)

    I just tried to play a WMV file I received and got a message that WMV 8 is not supported... however it played the audio, just no video.

    Out of about 20 video files on the card it only recognized 4 and only plays 2.

    My TCPMP plays the rest, including the .avi files.
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    Quote Originally Posted by davidra View Post
    It will only play WMV 9, and on half of those I get a "playback requirements are too high" and it won't play correctly.
    Unfortunately Microsoft doesn't license support for anything other than WMV 9 (introduced in 2003).

    If you have files that are too old or at too high a datarate to be played by your device, one solution is to re-encode them through Kinoma Producer or another encoding tool. Another is to use a personal media server like Orb, which will let you stream any file supported by your PC to Kinoma Player.

    Quote Originally Posted by davidra View Post only plays a percentage of the links on the Media Guide, less than half in my case.
    Every item in Kinoma Media Guide should work for you. If you find one that doesn't, please let us know by emailing content at kinoma dot com.

    -- Charles Wiltgen

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    I suppose I can understand the issues with MS and licensing, but why doesn't Kinoma support avi and mpg files? As best I can tell, nobody supports streaming mpg files. If you're going to provide support for streaming media, why not include the commonest ones on the web? And it strikes me that given the relatively few online files that Kinoma can play, why not include the other software in the price, which is not inconsequential?
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