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    I'm trying to end my contract with Sprint PCS while moving the number to Cingular. My Sprint contract ends on March 9; the Cing phone arrived yesterday but I haven't activated it yet.

    This morning I tried calling Sprint to make sure I wouldn't be charged a termination fee for ending my contract a week before the end date. A woman at Sprint customer service looked at my entry and said that the contract had been terminated and then, after "checking" with someone, that I would have to pay a termination fee. I got rather indignant and told her that 1) this conversation was ensuring that I would never again be a Sprint customer again, and 2) I would never pay a termination fee under the circumstances. She said, "the contract was terminated today" bla bla bla; my response was, "in that cast, do not terminate the contract, please, and keep the contract until 3/9." She said, "Let me see," went away from the phone, and after ten minutes, the line went dead.

    My Sprint 650 no longer dials; the SIM card for the Cing works with my old number.

    Of course, since I've paid 2 years' worth of Sprint bills I have absolutely no intention of paying that fee. How much trouble can they make for me?
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    Well, legally, if you signed a 2 year contract they can charge you the termination fee. If you do not pay they can transfer that over to a collection agency. All of this could possibly be recorded on your credit score, and it might follow you for years. Or maybe they aren't a money-hungry mega corporation.
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    an hour ago I was upset about this possibility.

    now, it doesn't bother me. I guess I can post some kind of "response" on my file. I've got a perfect credit record, and given the way people feel about cell providers, I'm starting to figure such a blemish would be considered a badge of honor.
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    a contract is a contract... personally I would have waited the extra 2 weeks...
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    I think there is a technicality in here somewhere . . . . if you have paid 24 monthly invoices -- even though the line was transferred 2 weeks before the full 2 calendar years were up -- I believe you have completed your obligation.

    At most you would owe your 24th "monthly service" charge.

    Wait for your last bill -- see what is on it -- call in to see if you can get it corrected if the termination fee is there. Be nice, yes you would like to ring their corporate neck -- but at the moment -- this about practicality -- if being nice and/or paying the 24th monthly charge keeps you from fighting city hall for years. . . . .
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    thanks for the sage counsel, Perry. yuo are right, and I'll hope for the best. one reason I got so hot was she basically hung up on me, then I got shut out again when I tried to call back.

    R1 -- gosh, you almost make me ashamed I ever rode an R6 -- yeah a contract is a contract, but a technicality like that is unenforceable -- I will have fulfilled the essential part of my obligation, which was to pay for 24 months of service. and I remind you, I made a last-ditch effort to hold up my end of the "technicality."

    as it happens the only reason I moved with Cingular when I did was because someone here suggested it would take about two weeks for the number to roll over. even after when the phone showed up, I had hoped it wouldn't start until I inserted the SIM card, & I was willing to wait the week and a half -- it wasn't until I spoke with the CSR that I realized Cingular had done the changeover; I had anticipated they'd give me a temporary number.

    but sure, Sprint is free to agree with you, and entitled to put an asterisk on my credit rating, and have me badmouth them for the rest of my days.
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    update: last bill arrived today, 11 days after the end of the contract.. -2.53 credit balance.

    end of story, thankfully.

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