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    What's the story with the battery situation? So far all I can find is Seidio's extended battery and Palm's spare battery. Are there other options? Also, it seems that I'm getting mixed reviews of Seidio's batteries but they are timestamped a little while back.. Is there a difference over with the batteries as far as time?
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    The standard battery is fine if you talk <30m a day and you use data heavily all day with background apps like Chatter, Verichat, etc.. If you don't use background apps, you can talk significantly more. And you'll have some left over at the end of the day.

    This is my experience with the phone coming off the charger around 7am, by the time I go to bed around 11pm or midnight I have 10-15% left.
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    I seem to be loosing about 35-40% a day under normal use. I don't talk that much on it since I work in a location that doesn't get cell coverage. I find that if I turn the phone off while I'm at work and use it as a PDA, I only loose 5-10% of my power. Makes sense I guess. I'm using the standard battery that Palm ships with it. Phone is less than a month old, and seems to be better than the ones I used in December. I applied the camera patch (even though Palm said I didn't need it) and don't know if that has helped or not.

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