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    I just received my 700p from Sprint Customer Service, and I've been using a 650. Is there a way to transfer my SMS messages from the 650 to the 700p?

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    Search the forum. I know this has been discussed.
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    I did. I used various permutations of: transfer sms 650 700p upgrade text messages, sometimes with some subset as phrases, e.g., "transfer sms", sometimes not.

    I didn't find anything interesting earlier...yet now "transfer sms" does give useful results. odd...

    Thanks for your attention.
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    look for a file named SMS_Messages -transfer that to your new 700
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    For continuity, in case anyone finds this thread and wants the answers, I've found this other thread with the answers in it:

    The file you need to transfer is actually called "Messages database.pdb". I did it, and my SMS chat logs seem to have transferred perfectly. I just clicked into one of them to make sure.

    Thanks for everybody's help!
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    not to hijack this thread but has anyone figured out a way to MERGE them?
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