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    Can I code or mark items in my Outlook calendar so that they wont replicate to my handheld running Good or more importantly not show up on my Today screen? I have the next two upcoming appointments/meetings show up on my Today screen but only want certain items to show. For example, I mark the weeks I am on-call but don't want this taking up 1 of my 2 upcoming calendar items. Same for certain times of the day I put down an item on my calendar for those times when I wont be available so it doesn't show as I am available to to others scheduling a meeting.

    Essentially, I want to add certian things to my calendar but not replicate or show in my "next 2 appointments". For as long as I have been using Good, I only have see it be all items sync... Am I stuck?
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    I believe you are stuck. GMM does not support any of the categories that you might assign in Outlook that would allow you to sync certain events but not others.
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    Thanks for the reply. I suspect I am stuck but maybe someone has a work around or idea.

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