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    Hi folks

    I have a Cingular-branded 650 that is unlocked and is running T-Mobile service.

    For over a year, I have been using T-Mo's $4.99 T-Zones to connect through the internet by exploiting the "Fauldi Proxy". This has given me full internet access plus email through Versamail.

    In November, I upgraded to VersaMail 3.5 and I was successfully syncing my Outlook contacts, calendar and emails with my company's Exchange 2003 server.

    Since Friday Evening, 2/27/07, I have not been able sync with my company's Exchange 2k3 server.

    My company applied DST patches over the weekend. However, my co-worker who has a Cingular 650 running Cingular and VersaMail 3.5 never lost his syncing and he is still syncing today. He did not change anything and he did not apply the DST patch from Palm.

    All my other co-workers with 700s and other WM5 devices are also still syncing just fine, as is this one guy with a 700p running VersaMail 3.5.

    Now - I tried calling T-Mo and talking to their Data Tech Support people, but they could not help me. I asked if they applied DST patches over the weekend to their servers, but their answer was "Duh?"

    I applied the Palm DST update to my Treo but I'm still having the same problem.

    I should mention: I can still surf with Blazer. In fact, I can check my work email through OWA on HTTPS using Blazer. BUT----Directory Assistant is also not working suddenly!!! I get this error: 4626

    So - huge post, huge problem for me, OMG - can someone maybe help please?

    Thanks in advance!


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    I talked to someone at T-Mo who knows what is going on:

    She said that over the weekend, they updated their servers (probably triggered by the DST changes that needed to be implemented) and while they were at it, they cleaned up some of the open ports that people were exploiting for cheap internet and email access.

    This seems strange to me, as I was still able to use that custom proxy setting in Blazer to hit the internet. However, sure enough, as soon as I had them bump me up to the T-Mo $39.99 internet plan, I was able to hit the Exchange Server again.

    $40 bux a month for Edge? I'm switching to Cingular as soon as my T-Mo contract is up. 750 - here I come!

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