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    Just updated to 4.1.2. Not sure what's new in the release.
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    Seems to be some updates to the web guide. Haven't noticed anything else yet.
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    Some people are having problems accessing the Web Guide, getting 404 Network Not Found(like I did)with this update, it has been fixed, but seems to take a bit longer to connect.
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    Also resolved resetting the device when KP performs content synchronization. It was crashing when encountering "files with many foreign or accented characters" - even though I didn't see any in my MP3s and videos, KP constantly crashed my Treo with v4.1.1, but seems to now be resolved with v4.1.2.
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    Still isnt alpha-sensitive (press 't' and it will go to the top of the t's in the list). I am getting some thumb exercise by scrolling down to Technology everytime I have to go back in.
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    From their bbs:

    Connection timeout extended to accommodate slower networks and gateways.

    Kinoma Player 4 EX no longer becomes unstable after failing to open a

    Added support for synchronizing media files with foreign or accented

    Support for the Treo 750 via StyleTap platform version 1.0.021.
    Cingular GSM
    Firmware:01.51 Hardware:A

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