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    I made up the title, but is there an app for the Palm that simulates the Windows Mobilbe/CE feature that will pop up an edit menu (cut, copy, paste, etc.) after you highlight some text and tap and hold on it. That would be really useful.

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    Butler ( has an option, in the "Miscellaneous utilities" section, that allows you to hold down the Menu button in any application (or, alternatively, press shift+menu) to show a command toolbar with cut, copy, paste, and sometimes other functions. Not quite what you're looking for, but it's a start...
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    Try FieldPlus. Not exactly what you're after but you never know. The idea is to be able to select text using the 5-way. Once you select, pressing the centre button brings up a menu where you decide what to so with the text. And it's free. Works great on my 680.

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    I am using FieldPlus but am just looking for that last little bit. Thanks.
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    Don't know of such a program myself. But you know you can press menubutton-p for paste, etc., without actually tapping the menu, right?
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    Yes, I do routinely use menu-p, x, & c. Just looking for a little more functionality.
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    Do you mean you just hold the highlighted text with your stylus and it saves it to a clipboard?

    I use ClipPro, but it doesn't have that function...
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    No. The way it works on Windows Mobile is that you highlight a word or phrase and move the stylus away from the screen. Then you tap and hold for a second on the highlighted word. A menu will then pop up on the screen allowing you to cut, copy, or paste that highlighted selection.
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    Of course with a Treo, we want to get into that one-handed mode of operation. So unless you're holding your stylus with your teeth

    Actually, it would be a nice option. Maybe someone can convince one of the developers to add it.

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    With ClipPro, you highlight what you want to cut/copy and a menu pops up automatically (on the right or left depending on which one you want), you select what you want and it saves it on one of many clip boards. Then you go to where you want to paste and bring up the menu and paste it. Is that what you're looking for? I can do it all one handed...
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    In ClipPro, I cannot get the menu to popup in auto mode at all on my 700p! I don't have the real estate to assign a hard button. Any ideas?
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    What are your settings?

    In Preferences I have:
    Auto-import clipboard checked
    Augment Edit Menu's checked

    In Activation I have:
    Main Activation: Auto menu
    Tools Activation: Disabled
    Command Bar Icon: Off


    Shift-rocker text selection checked
    Shift-select activation checked
    Select words checked
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    I am using the latest demo version of 2.1.1. I have configured everything that you have listed but I do not see entries for the following:

    Shift-rocker text selection checked
    Shift-select activation checked
    Select words checked

    When in Memos or Tasks and I select by using the stylus a word or a phrase, I do not see the auto menu pop up to give me options on how to handle the selected text.
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    Are you using a stylus? When you do, do you tap the screen to select it? I use my finger nail and slide it over what I want highlighted. It's the backward sliding motion that calls the edit menu...

    Somewhere in the Prefs menu is an option to swoop your stylus up diagonally on the screen to call up the menu, but that usually just de-highlighted my chosen text...
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    It seems to work now. I don't know what happened.

    The functionality of ClipPro is virtually indistinguishable from (and more fully featured than) The Windows Mobile "tap and edit" feature that I am seeking a Palm equivalent for. ClipPro also solves the Memo clipboard 1K limitation problem. Nice!

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    You're welcome I don't think there's a program I use more than ClipPro, except maybe KeyCaps...
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    Just noticed that Auto Menu doesn't work (pop up) in the SMS/Messaging database. Is this the same for you?
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    Or in DocsToGo.
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    Actually, it appears that Auto Menu works in the text entry section of the SMS/Messaging app but not in the text message history.

    Unfortunately, I have to uninstall ClipPro, as it is unstable and causing problems for me. The minor problem is that when I select "Clear All" from the Options menu in ClipPro, it resets the phone (a 700p). The major problem is that when ClipPro is enabled, Blazer resets every time I launch it. When I uninstall ClipPro, Blazer launches without a problem. That's too bad. I really like ClipPro. I assume the problem could be fixed. ClipPro is substantially older than the Treo 650s and 700ps. My "latest" version is from 11/26/04. So I guess the developer has abandoned the product.

    Still looking for that Windows Mobile style "Tap and Edit" functionality. I guess I'll use FieldPlus until I find it...

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