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    App for: BT on only when phone on? BT off when phone off?
    (for 700p)?

    So when I turn off the phone I want BT to be off.
    When I turn on the phone I want BT to be turned on.

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    Most interesting. TealLock 6 has the ability to open specific programs when it the device is unlocked. One to look at is - BTOn.

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    Warning...turning off BT (presumably to save battery power) can lead to more headaches. In my case, and probably many others, when you turn BT back on, the headset answers the phone, hangs up and redials, however the voice is not on the headset, it is on the handset. You can pair and repair all you want, the only fix is to do a soft reset of your phone and then pair it again. I had a ton of frustration until I figured this out, and ever since, I leave BT on 24/7 and haven't had a problem. If you have power issues, there are better options than turning off BT (IMHO) including setting the screen to turn off quickly, dimming the screen, etc.

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