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    I can't get Chattermail with EX Plugin to access my exchange server email (work email) via owa. Does anyone have setup instructions for EX Plugin? or know how to get Chattermail to send and receive exchange email using EX Plugin? Unfortunately, Marc no longer supports EX Plugin.

    Once I install EX Plugin, I create a new Exchange Account. I use the same login and password as owa. What do I put into the exchange server field? Is it the actual web address for owa? or the exchange server listed in my outlook at work? I tried both and Chatter will not connect. Please help.


    I am using Treo 700p, Chattermail 3.0.6
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    The user manual had pretty extensive instructions. Marc also had a Quickstart guide for EX plugin.

    He has since removed that information from the manual and his Chatter web site. But these have not made it to the site.

    I don't know if I can post his files here. I suggest you ask him in the forum at the above site for the documentation....
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