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    I'm running Verizon's Wireless Sync, and recently, its started crashing immediately whenever I attempt a Sync. I'm not sure what's causing it, #*#377# on restart shows "A reset was caused on (date/time) while running "Wireless Sync"; Fatal Exception"

    I normally would respond by wiping the prefs file for that application, but Explorer doesn't show any preferences files for it.

    In the application, it happens as soon as it says "Connecting to Network," although other apps that use the Palm's network interface (Gmaps, for instance), work fine.

    Any thoughts?
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    Ditch wireless sync and buy chattermail. There's absolutely no comparison between the two. I'm so glad my wireless sync days are over. Not to mention if you have a 700p it'll run mutch better once you uninstall wireless sync and versamail.

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