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    My wife and I play Bejeweled in Easy mode, Don't particularly like timed mode. In 1.1 after a while it switches to timed mode. Neither my wife and I have noticed anything that would cause that and it's happened enough that we think we would've noticed a pattern.

    Anyone else see this happening and know why it might be?
    Bill Harrison
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    It's kinda annoying...... I don't know what causes this thou, initially I thought this might be caused by cracking
    (I was using a cracked version), then I got the normal version, and it still happens... I'm not too bothered thou, since I play the timed mode more....
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    Mine just started doing this over the weekend. I keep meaning to email Astraware to let them know. With mine, it will say no more moves then a new board drops down but it's timed. It'll do that two or three times.
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    I'm glad to know I'm not the only one who's noticed this. I thought it was a 'feature' that if you scored high in Easy mode, it took you to the Timed mode. I'd like to know Astraware's reply.
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    I've had the same thing happen to me, but it doesn't happen every time. I don't think
    it's related to the high score issue, either, since I've gotten pretty high scores without
    it switching to timed mode...pretty wierd.

    p.s. Shame on you for using cracked software, meitsjustme! ;p
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    I received an email response from Howard at Astraware. They are working on a fix as we speak...

    this company is about as responsive as BlueNomad for WordSmith.

    Maybe developers are catching a clue...

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