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    i have a 700p and have experienced this problem from time to time. After playing music files and/or using my wired headset, i am unable to hear anything during a phone conversation w/o using a headset.

    it seems as though the treo still thinks that the heaset is plugged in. when making calls (and no headset plugged in) or receiving them, the speakerphone option dissapears from the phone menu and nothing can be heard.

    this problem persists after a hard and soft reset. it usually goes away in a few days, but is a HUGE inconvenience. has anyone else experienced this or know how to stop this?

    thanks in advance
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    This is a known problem with the 650 too. If you do a search, I think you'll find a fix for it, but it involves opening the Treo, soldering, and other things. I would recommend trying to get Sprint or Verizon to replace it under warranty (assuming it is under warranty), although I don't know what their policies are on that.

    A temporary fix would be to get Volumecare. It has an option to bypass the headset port, allowing you to talk without a headset when your headset port is stuck like that.
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    And actually, the fix doesn't always work. I had this same problem; your best bet is to get it fixed under warranty if at all possible.

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