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    I've contacted, Palm, they tell me it is not their problem, it is on our company exchange server. My company IT guys cannot figure out what is going on.
    I have no access to my email or calendar.

    I did a hardreset Friday, and ever since, I cannot log into my email or calendar. I've done more hard resets, erased and re-created my versamail account, even update to 1.17 again. Nothing seems to help. My IT guys seem to think there may be a corrupt entry in the calendar, but we cannot figure out where, so I cannot go in and delete it. But on the otherhand, they think it could be a corrput attachment to an email, but again, can't figure out which one.

    I need access to my email and calendar to for work. What can I do? Any help will be greatly appreciated!
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    thanks for your note, I had the same issue. I found that I had to
    1. empty my sent mail and inbox folders
    2. remove the uncheck mark on x days mail
    AND remove mail from my Outlook inbox

    Only then would I resume normal mail.

    You can recheck the box to sync only mails from the last 1 (2 or whatever) after activesync is reset.

    Checking or unchecking this box results in activesync resetting (clears out your calendar as well) and that is the key.


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