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    I was wondering if MSN messenger and GTALK works in the palm treo 680....any experiences???
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    These are the various apps that people have suggested from my search for using yahoo, msn messenger and gtalk.

    Again, for all the regular users, this is probably the nth time someone has asked this question but it would be great if anyone can spare a little bit of their time to let me know which works better...


    Mundu Interoperable Messenger Enhanced 3.0.6

    thanx in advance...
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    I have tested both and they work OK but a bit buggy running in background mode. My Treo does crash now and then.
    At the moment I am using IM+
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    Hi Palmguru's,

    Is there any other appn that I can use for using instant messaging in my treo 680.

    As of now, I am paying 100 something for my bill which includes the text messaging. I am depressed by the fact that i have to spend another 40 $ for the IM + to be able to use the messaging services.

    I would really appreciate if any of the pros can suggest a software through which I can use msn and gtalk.

    (I am able to use yahoo messaging through the mobile yahoo though)....

    thanx again guys....
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    I've been searching long and hard for the same thing...

    I tried ChitChat Lite for MSN, but couldn't even get it to connect on the 680. It works fine on the's just not very convenient.
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    Hey guys...I am using the trial version of the IM+ software....

    But, my treo switches off every time I use the application and I'll have to do a soft reset to get it going again....

    Is this a common issue with IM+??....Again, Is there a better application around?...thanx guys...

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