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    hey guys! I hope you're all well and any help is greatly appreciated!

    as of last night, my Treo 700p won't switch back to the PHONE application (the menu where contacts are listed, etc)

    in addition, I can't access my contacts either, but everything else on the phone is fine ---- any idea what's going on?

    I've tried many soft resets, battery removal, and a warm reset....... does it look like I'll have to do a hard reset?

    I also tried hotsyncing my contacts, but the app refuses

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    Have you loaded any third party apps lately?
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    I have this issue occasionally, but I haven't been able to root out the cause. Typically I'll just go into contacts and dial a will then turn the phone on and try to dial. (When I get this problem the phone radio is usually off and doesn't switch back on after a reset)

    Hope this helps.
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    Try this - I had this same issue... pissed me off b/c I lost several months of call logs...

    It could be that the call log database has gotten corrupted...

    the file is called PhoneCallDB. I was just able to delete that file off of the palm (using filez) and it started working again...
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    Hasan Daddy. I have many apps on the 700p, but one (and only one) app disables the phone. It happens to be the Merriam Webster (Slovoed) dictionary. In order to restore phone function I have to do 2 or 3 system (warm) resets just to get back into the app screen. After getting back into the app screen I have to delete the program from the the Treo (the parts that are installed on the Treo and not an sd card.) After doing that I can restore the Phone function. In this case it is defintely an app problem and not a Treo problem. Hope this helps.
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    I've had the same problem a couple of times. It won't let me even get to my contacts. I just keep resetting it until it works again.
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    Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!!!! I deleted my Phone Call DB and my phone app is working again. I'll live without seeing who called me the last week or so to be able to use my phone.

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