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    Hello all,

    I was wondering if there is any software to download your phonebook and all its information to outlook without using the connection to your PC. The reason is that, my computer no longer recognizes when I have the Treo conencted, and it could be that there is something wrong with the connection on my phone. Any help would be greatly appreciated...

    Thanks in advance
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    You have two options:

    1. Get a bluetooth adaptor for your PC and hotsync via bluetooth.

    2. Get an exchange account (, a basic account is free, but if you want outlook access, I don't think it'll be free), get Versamail 3.5 (do a search, there are ways to get it for free), and set Versamail to synchronize your contacts with the exchange server.

    Before you do either of these things, be sure and get a good backup program (Try NVbackup, it's free) and backup your data to your SD card so if anything goes wrong, you'll still have your contacts and stuff.

    Now as far as fixing the problem with the USB connection, have you tried:

    1. A different computer?
    2. Re-installing Palm desktop/the Treo drivers?
    3. A different hotsync cable? (I bet this is the culprit)
    4. A different Treo.

    If you try number 1 and it works, then it means there might be something wrong with your computer. If it doesn't work, then it's either something wrong with your Treo or your hotsync cable.

    If you try number 2 and it doesn't work, then it's like a problem with your Treo or the hotsync cable.

    If you try number 3 and it works, then you just need a new cable. If it doesn't work, then it may be your Treo.

    If you can try number 4 and it does work, then I'd have to conclude that it must be your Treo. Check your Treo's USB connector, and make sure it's clean. There may be something there obstructing the pins on the connector.
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    thanks for the info.. i will try the backup approach and hopefully that works.

    I have tried different computers and reinstalling the Palm download on my computer. Also, by changing the connector to a buddies there is still no luck. Appears after many times of hot syncing that the connector on the Treo may have gone bad.
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    The contacts on your Treo might be dirty, try to clean it with a needle.
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    An alternative is to email your contacts to yourself. Go to Contacts, and choose a category (or All, if you don't have too many). From the menu, select Send Category, and then select VersaMail. This will attach the contacts in that category (in vCard format) to an email, which you can then send to a convenient address. Receive the email on your PC, and you can import the attachment into many email clients, probably including Outlook, and/or Palm Desktop. Best of luck!

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