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    I have a Cingular 650 that just started a new problem. It constantly acts as if it's trying to connect to the desktop (the hotsync screen appears on the unit, etc) even if it's not plugged into the computer. I cancel it, and it just keeps coming back.

    This is a Treo 650 running with goodlink on a corporate goodlink server. Tried resetting several times, tried removing the battery, waiting about 20 seconds, and reinserting it, but no luck. Trying to avoid a hard reset, though if that's what it takes . . .

    Please help!
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    You might check and make sure that there is nothing in the bottom port. The HotSync program is defaulted to start when two of the pins are shorted together. Make sure there is no damage to the bottom of your phone. If that isn't it try running a HotSync. If that doesn't work, backup and Hard Reset.

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