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    timbuk2 or crumpler treo case... can't decide between the 2. anyone have any experience with either of these cases?

    which would provide better protection?
    which is easier to use?
    quality of build?
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    I have a Timbuk2 messenger bag and use one of their accessory bags for my Treo instead of the Treo-specific one (that way I can use it for more then the Treo). In your case, all I can speak for is the company and I find their products to be of very high quality and the materials can really take a beating. I recommend Timbuk2 to everyone.
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    I have used timbuk2 messenger bags for years now. In fact i still use the same one i did in high school ten years ago. I use their computer bag and it has a pocket for my phone already, but their build quality is amazing, and i would assume their treo case is just as good.
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    I was just looking at the timbuk2 case in the store yesterday. It's snug but I'll assume that will loosen. The top corner where the antenna is NOT is exposed so that's a bit of an issue, say when you put your bag on the floor.

    Build quality is good for both companies. There is a crumpler company store near my work but have not popped in to look at the case yet.

    I'm sure you'll enjoy either case.

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