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    Another dumb question by Hooterville !!!

    Will a case made for the Treo 750 work fine on the 680?

    Are the camera & speaker cutout on the backs the same?

    I think they are the same size but not 100% sure.
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    Not completely sure. The case I bought for the 680 (and am now selling after only 1 week's use; see here: is also completely compatible with the 750. That suggests cases for the 680 and 750 are the same, but you may want to double-check with the maker of the case.

    In the links I provide in my ad, you can see that the maker of this case (Piel Frama) advertises it for both devices.
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    It depends on how form-fitting the case is. The 680 and 750 are very similar in dimensions, but they are not exactly the same. Besides having slightly different housing shapes, they also have more significant differences like the locations of the IR windows.
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    the cases that we sell, do in fact fit the treo 750 (made for the 680)

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    I bought the Krusell Classic Form Fit case advertised as for the Treo 750 and used it own my new Treo 680. Fits perfectly, has all the holes.
    I think it has a spare plastic window on the right side of the phone which has no purpose on my treo 680 ( this is a smaller plastic window, right above a cut-out for the SD card slot). I presume on the 750 this could be some kind IR port?

    I used the classic form fit on my treo 650 and its great. The 680 is just the same. What I am going to do, is manually cut out the front plastic partially, so I can expose the touchscreen. I did this previously on my Treo 650 case.
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    Hooter...don't you have a 680 AND a 750? Are you still waiting for your 750?
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    it fits and is snug but all the holes on teh side for the sd slot and the switch for the silent are off

    but the volume buttons are OK

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