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    I recently just bought a Treo 680 (my very first Palm) and am looking to install TomTom on it. I have the TomTom program along with Canada and USA maps. When double click on the setup icon to install the software to the Treo it says "No compatible PC connection software was found." I do have Palm desktop installed, is there any else that I am missing, or are there other programs out there that are easier to use for installing software like TomTom to my treo? Thanks in advance, and my apologies if this has been posted before, I've just been trying all day but cant seem to figure it out. Thought to myself I would try and ask here for help.
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    Put your SD card into a card reader then put that into your PC. Install TT to the SD card then put the SD card into your Treo and launch TT. It's all explained in the manual and instruction sheet, albeit to 100% clearly.
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    Thanks for the reply Marky, I'm going out tomorrow and buying an SD card reader.

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