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  • mocean

    2 4.65%
  • kinoma

    10 23.26%
  • ptunes

    31 72.09%
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    I use them all(Ptune, Kinoma, etc.) I have many Videos, MP3's, 3gp, etc, that no one has come up with one GREAT app rolled up in one. So I have all of them on my SD via ZLauncher, except PTunes & Kinoma, their both on ROM.
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    I use TCPMP for videos cause it has awsome quality for my Treo 650 and Real Player for my music.
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    Quote Originally Posted by italiangspot View Post
    after some time of fooling around i would say that kinoma is good for streaming and playing video but not for playing music... u cant play songs in the background and u can not even look up another song without stopping current one good quality that i have noticed is that it doesnt skip while playing mp3s from my SDHC card... mocean skips (goes in and out) while playing mp3s and ptunes is also good for not skipping any of my mp3 songs.. i was able to add links of internet stations in ptunes... the only thing i am having trble with now is adding radio stations to ptunes, can u do that... for example i am looking for z100..(100.3fm) NY station

    any ideas...?

    so so far mocean i think is at the bottom of the list, the only real nice thing about mocean is the user interface, just like an ipod

    can anyone recommend a good spot to get skins for ptunes?

    You can get most radio stations from, but not NY z100 yet. They are working on upgrading their streaming to MP3 format, then you'll be able to get it. You can get it now with kinoma though, because Kinoma streams .wma format, and ptunes doesn't, yet.
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