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    So I got Kinoma, and frankly...I'm having a hard time getting used to it or figuring it out.

    The only reason I really wanted it was to listen to some mp3's online and watch other videos and internet streams I use often on my computer. They are in the appropriate compatable formats according to Kinoma..but no luck.
    I don't know how, though I've tried, to watch and listen to them. I couldn't do it on the Treo without Kinoma 4EX so that's why I bought it.

    If I come across a streaming file (video or MP3) on the internet, how do I get it to play on Kinoma? I click but don't have any luck.

    If I click on a link that is an mp3 file, it tells me: "The page download could not be completed. Please try again later." It's a direct link to an MP3 file though?

    This is the link I clicked:

    I've tried to listen to MP3's that are online, tried to watch videos through youtube, google vids and dailymotion..but no luck at all. I want to watch a bunch of tv shows and movies from, but I can't get them to work. I tried to copy and paste the link from that site with no luck.

    I was hoping now when I go to the site with MP3's, dailymotion or one of these other sites, now I'd just be able to click and watch luck though. Maybe I thought it'd be too easy.

    I found the media guide..that's cool and all, although the live streams I try to watch keep giving me an "insufficient bandwidth" message at the bottom while they play which causes them to be real spotty. Found their youtube and other links.

    - Is it possible to surf the internet through Kinoma?

    - If there is a link to listen to MP3's online, but they just say, "CLICK HERE TO LISTEN" can I listen to that through Kinoma? I don't know how to see the actual URL on that link/stream through the Treo to copy and paste it into the Kinoman "Open URL" option.

    Thank you for any assistance.
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    bump for assistance.
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    wish I could help but Im having the same problem. I wish I could remedy the problem but atleast you know youre not alone!
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    Thanks man...I'm playing around with it, but I'm not really getting very far. The Media Guide is cool, but really there's very items there that interest me. I'd to be able to play some of the tv shows i watch streaming online some websites.
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    I haven't tried playing MP3s. But if you want to watch youtube or google videos, you can't do that directly from the youtube or google video sites. Instead on your 700p web browser (blazer) go to (for youtube) or (for google video). Find the video you want and select it, then when you are asked tell it to 'stream'. This will automatically open up Kinoma EX, when the video is finished it will return you to your web browser.

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    If you don't have evdo, streaming video will be slow and you will get insufficient bandwidth errors. Kinoma doesn't stream everything, even if it is .mp3 or windows media. There are lots of different format variations and codecs. The .mp3 you listed above is 67mb. That's probably a bit to large to stream. If you want to listen to .mp3's, it's best just to put them on your sd card. Kinoma works good for streaming audio (and video with evdo) from websites that broadcast streams over the internet. For example, if you listen to Hannity, you can stream his radio show from his website through Kinoma. If you want to stream radio stations from all over the country, you can go to If you want to listen to sports and games, you can stream them from Also, if you check out Orb, you can stream things from your home computer, including movies, music, and tv (if you have a tv card).

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