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    Question for those with experience in this subject...
    Was offered tomtom 510 for a birthday present. I have a 2005 lexus rx 330 w/o bluetooth/navigation. I am using an unlocked 680 on tmobile (irrelevant really)
    My thought is that I am better off with the tomtom nav5 or 6 due to the main fact that my next car in a yr or so will most likely have navigation. I plan on staying with the treo product line indefinately. So I feel like it would be a better investment to have the nav on my palm?

    Any thoughts? Advice? I believe the tomtom 6 has treo 680 issues so maybe the 5 would have to be the one...

    Please chime in. I looked for threads comparing but didnt see any. Please direct me if you know any.
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    It would certainly be cheaper to go with TT on your Palm then buying, or accepting, a standalone device.

    I though the TT6 compatibility problem on the 680 was resolved either by TT or by editing a file on the DVD? I read a post about it here but since I have a 700p, I didn't bookmark the item.

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